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Relationships Make Money

Aug 2, 2021

When it comes to branding, a lot of people could mean a lot of different things. But Jen Campbell truly believes that your personal brand is more than logos and colors.


And it's more than a tagline. It's about how you show up online and in person, authentically. How you want to portray yourself that best highlights your true personality and in a way, stay true to your brand as well. Get to know some exclusive deets on creating that show stopper brand online in this episode about Personal Branding.


Today, we have Episode 007: Brand You, Before Others Do with Jen Campbell


Our previous episode features the father-and-son relationship Roberto had with his late father who was taken away from them after years of battling with Parkinson’s Disease. Here he recalled some compelling moments with the person he considers a friend and a business advisor with which he was able to share the six things his old man left as his legacy to him and to the world. 


If you miss the last episode about the ‘Lessons from My Dad to Celebrate His Birthday’, go back and listen to episode six and get a good dose of insightful discussion there. 


A Personal Brand is More Than Just a Logo

In this episode, Roberto sits down in an interesting interview with Jen Campbell, a personal branding expert who is widely known for her coaching and mentoring strategies through the wise use of personal branding. Campbell shares her cunning ways and means to build a thriving community and retain a solid following by fostering strong connections with the right people. 


Creating a personal brand is more than just glamour, it takes hard work and authenticity. This episode is your quick guide to learn the ropes of personal branding and assess if you are on the right track with your journey to nurturing an online community, if not evaluate how your current strategies can take off at a level that other successful community leaders have done. 


During this episode, Roberto and Jen talked about:

  • The three-part definition of Personal Branding
  • Looking at different perspectives of Creating a Personal Brand
  • Defining personal brand versus business brand
  • Determining your core values
  • Biggest mistake people make in social media
  • Jen Campbell’s authored book: See the Good in You ( or
  • Jen’s word of advice to the online community


Recommended Resource/s:

  • Start with the Why: Simon Sinek 

That’s it for the highlights of our seventh episode! This is just a glimpse of the real crunch of this whole conversation. You can follow the sightings of Jen on Instagram at JenCampbellteaches and on her personal Facebook account at HelloJenCampbell or on her website at


Be sure to catch the seventh episode: Brand You, Before Others Do with Jen Campbell of Becoming The Community CEO Podcast with Roberto Candelaria today. If you want to catch the whole spill, check out the whole version of this podcast by clicking this link: ___.