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Relationships Make Money

Jul 30, 2020

In this Episode, Roberto Candelaria catches up the #BrandMother herself, Jai Stone.

During this episode we cover:

  • Jai’s unexpected entrepreneurial leap
  • Getting stuck with a business model that does not work for you
  • Shifting from personal selling to Back-of-the-room selling conversion strategy
  • The dynamics of content...

Jul 29, 2020

In this Episode, Roberto Candelaria catches up with Landon Ray, CEO of Ontraport.

During this episode we cover:

  • Landon's startup journey with Ontraport and early business challenges
  • Dealing with failures and lapses before jumping off the learning curve
  • Growing online communities as a marketplace of useful feedback

Jul 29, 2020

The Core Characteristics of a Community Leader and a Community CEO 

In this Episode, Roberto Candelaria shares with you the core characteristics and traits of a Community leader and Community CEO.

The 10 Characteristics and Traits Community Leaders and Community CEO’s with High Engaged and Profitable communities...

Jul 29, 2020

Welcome to the Connected Community Leader Podcast


The Connected Community Leader Podcast is all about business, entrepreneurship, and building highly engaged and profitable communities, online and offline. 


If you’re a Community Leader or Community CEO, be sure to SUBSCRIBE to get the new episodes that will be...